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Nothing is possible without computer knowledge. Computer literacy is a definite requirement for success in today's competitive world.


In today’s world, nothing is possible without knowledge of computers. Computer literacy is a definite requirement. The level of literacy can range from beginner to professional. However, in order to survive through the technical evolution, one needs to have at least basic knowledge of computers. The world has started looking, over and above literacy. And this is computer literacy. This means a day will come when one can be considered as illiterate if he doesn’t have basic computer knowledge. Even our government has started working actively in this regarding, promoting the concept of “Digital India”. The dream of “Digital India” can be only true if India as a country can achieve hundred percent of computer literacy.  For this India needs a large number of computer institutes, where aspirants can acquire different levels of computer knowledge.

Techinaut Sarva computer saksharta mission forming New India. This is the new platform for achieving digital India. Techinaut Sarva computer saksharta mission (SCSM) is a non-commercial organization working for the welfare of society. SCSM promotes literacy, especially amongst the neglected classes and children. Techinaut SCSM is completely reliable since It is an ISO certified organization and is certified as ISO 9001:2000. Techinaut  SCSM works with a motto to promote computer literacy. As a result, they provide computer-based training at a nominal cost. Moreover, after training placement assistance is there. Each course is followed by certification. It also provides lifetime opportunity for knowledge up-gradation. The student can undertake live projects to develop a better understanding of the course. Beside computer training, Techinaut SCSM also assists the students with add-on courses like Multilanguage learning, personality development, etc.

Opening a franchisee of Techinaut Institute of Technology SCSM is very easy. By opting for a franchise of Techinaut  SCSM, no requirement for the govt registration computer center. The requirements for opening a Techinaut franchise are very nominal. The franchise owner needs to have space which should range from 300 sqft to 1000 sqft. The franchise could be started with a minimum investment of Rs.10000. The Franchisee needs to pay a franchise fee of Rs.10,001. The franchise could earn a commission or royalty of Rs.25000. The franchise fees are one-time fees and guarantees lifetime membership. There is no concept of fees sharing like many non-government institutes have. All the diploma and certificates are approved and recognized by the government of India. These certificates and diplomas are also recognized by private organizations as well.

How to open a computer institute?

Becoming a franchisee of Techinaut  SCSM is extremely straightforward. One needs to have the required space, as mentioned in the last section. The franchise owner needs to have the minimum required capital. There should be a proper ration of the computer is to students. All these details have to be furnished to SCSM before opening the franchise. A franchise can also avail easy finance under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) since SCSM is aligned with PMKVY. In order to open the franchise, one needs to contact the head office of SCSM located in Indore. This is how you can become part of India’s no 1 computer institute network. So, you can see, how easy it is to get a computer institute with govt registration.

May 8, 2019


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