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Some points we must keep in mind while opening a computer institute


A computer has really become an essential part in the working in most companies. As Technology continues to develop, every individual must learn and develop themselves up-to-date with the computer technologies. This forms massive opportunities for those who want to set-up or start a computer training institute.

Some points we must keep in mind while opening a computer institute:

Market research: Before setting up the institute, one must have an in-depth knowledge of the market around the area of your startup. This includes a number of students seeking specific subjects and types of subjects that must be included or excluded according to the requirements. This may be done by visiting other institutes or creating a canopy roadside and communicating with the students directly.

Select a proper franchise: People might not get attracted towards your new institute mainly due to the fact that it is a new one and nobody will trust an unknown institute where they would put a lot of money and their future on. Also, you can perform certification training courses only if you register with some university or institute. So the best possible thing you can do is to acquire a license from well-known already established institutes.

The process is very simple that may vary from institute to institute but the overall working is more or less same. After the process is completed you can show the name of your franchised institute alongside you and wow! Your new institute is famous.

Location and Budget: Location is crucial for opening a computer training institute. Pick a location where it has easy approachability and where there is an excessive demand for its use as per your market research work. The best would be nearer to any school or college area. As far as the budget is concerned, it would be subject to numerous aspects of monthly rent, hardware costs, software costs, staff salary costs and other monthly maintenance costs. Organize your budget for at least 1-2 years.

Maintain the quality of infrastructure: Most students get influenced solely by how your institute looks like. So, make a note of the requirements and apply it accordingly. This includes proper classrooms and lab setups along with latest devices and software or providing a free Wi-Fi.

Hiring Staffs: You will need some technical as well as non-technical staffs according to the requirements.  The best thing that you can do is to make yourself proficient in some of the subjects only if possible. By this you can apply your own specific skills to deliver a fulfilling career to the clients also the number of required trainers will get reduced which will ultimately reduce your expenses.

Think about the marketing plan: There are two types of marketing: offline and online.

  • Best offline modes are advertising on newspaper, going to colleges and delivering free seminars and workshops.
  • Online mode includes creating a simple yet beautiful and attractive website which will definitely attract online viewers. Using Facebook as a business promotion might also promote and attract more viewers.

Remember the golden rule: When planning to open a computer training institute, start with the small set-up. This way you would not lose much when you have a problem and want to shut down. Once you feel that there is good expandable business, you can expand it.

January 27, 2018


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