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Digital Binary Computer Institute, a Techinaut Institute of Technology franchise in Almora, Uttarakhand, offers a specialized six-month course in Internet …


Digital Binary Computer Institute, a Techinaut Institute of Technology franchise in Almora, Uttarakhand, offers a specialized six-month course in Internet navigation. This Course aims to equip students with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills for safely and effectively utilizing the Internet for various purposes. This article delves into the Course's objectives, curriculum structure, key sections, and the significance of mastering internet skills in today's digital era.



In today's interconnected world, navigating the Internet is essential for personal and professional success. Recognizing this importance, Digital Binary Computer Institute offers a dedicated course focused on internet navigation. As a Techinaut Institute of Technology franchise, it ensures high-quality education and practical training for students in Almora, Uttarakhand.


The primary objective of the Internet course is to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills for effectively utilizing the Internet. The Course aims to achieve the following objectives:
  • Familiarize students with the fundamentals of the Internet and its significance in modern society.
  • Educate students on internet safety, including protection against viruses, spyware, and online threats.
  • Equip students with the technical skills to connect to the Internet using various devices.
  • Provide hands-on experience in utilizing internet browsers and conducting web searches.
  • Introduce students to online communication tools like e-mail, chat, and social media.
  • Enable students to create and manage their online presence through websites, blogs, and social media platforms.


The Internet course at Digital Binary Computer Institute is structured into several parts, each covering specific aspects of Internet navigation and utilization. The following are the key sections covered in the six-month duration course: 3.1. Welcome to the Internet
  • Section 1: What's So Great About the Internet, Anyway?
    • Introduction to the Internet and its evolution
    • Exploration of the benefits and opportunities offered by the Internet
  • Section 2: Is the Internet Safe? Viruses, Spyware, Spam, and Other Yucky Stuff
    • Understanding Internet security threats and best practices for protection
    • Tips for safeguarding personal information and devices
  • Section 3: Kids and the Net
    • Guidelines for safe internet usage for children and teenagers
    • Parental controls and monitoring tools for internet safety
3.2. Internet, Here I Come!
  • Section 4: Assembling Your Gear and Climbing on the Net
    • Setting up internet connectivity and configuring devices
    • Overview of hardware and software requirements for Internet access
  • Section 5: Connecting with Wi-Fi, Laptops, and Smartphones
    • Understanding wireless internet technology and connectivity options
    • Configuring internet access on laptops, smartphones, and other devices
3.3. Web Mania
  • Section 6: Welcome to the Wild, Wonderful, Wacky Web
    • Introduction to web browsing and Internet navigation
    • Exploring popular websites and online resources
  • Section 7: Taking Your Browser for a Spin
    • Using internet browsers effectively for navigation and customization
    • Managing bookmarks, tabs, and browser settings
  • Section 8: Needles and Haystacks: Finding Almost Anything on the Web
    • Conducting effective web searches using search engines and advanced search techniques
    • Evaluating search results for relevance and credibility
  • Section 9: Music and Video on the Web
    • Accessing and streaming multimedia content online
    • Exploring music and video streaming platforms and services
  • Section 10: More Shopping, Less Dropping
    • Overview of online shopping and e-commerce platforms
    • Tips for safe and secure online transactions and shopping experiences
  • Section 11: Banking, Bill Paying, and Investing Online
    • Introduction to online banking and financial management services
    • Conducting secure online transactions, bill payments, and investments
  • Section 12: Swiping Files from the Net
    • Downloading files and content from the Internet safely and legally
    • Understanding copyright and fair use policies for online content
3.4. E-mail, Chat, and Other Ways to Hang Out Online
  • Section 13: It's in the Mail: Sending and Receiving E-mail
    • Understanding e-mail communication and etiquette
    • Setting up and managing e-mail accounts
  • Section 14: Keeping Your Mail Safe from Viruses, Spam, and Wi-Fi Snoops
    • Strategies for protecting e-mail accounts from security threats
    • Identifying and avoiding e-mail scams and phishing attempts
  • Section 15: Putting Your Mail in Its Place
    • Organizing and managing e-mail messages using folders and filters
    • Archiving and backing up e-mail data
  • Section 16: Typing and Talking on the Net
    • Utilizing online communication tools such as chat, instant messaging, and video conferencing
    • Communicating effectively and securely with others online
  • Section 17: Games and Worlds on the Web
    • Exploring online gaming platforms and virtual worlds
    • Understanding the social and recreational aspects of online gaming
3.5. Putting Your Stuff on the Net
  • Section 18: Making a Splash Online
    • Creating and managing online profiles and personas
    • Establishing and maintaining an online presence through social media platforms
  • Section 19: Blogs and Twitter
    • Introduction to blogging and microblogging platforms such as WordPress and Twitter
    • Writing and publishing blog posts and tweets
  • Section 20: Making Your Web Site
    • Overview of website creation tools and platforms
    • Designing and publishing personal or business websites
3.6. The Part of Tens
  • Section 21: Ten Problems and Ten Solutions
    • Common Internet-related problems and troubleshooting techniques
    • Tips for resolving internet connectivity issues and other technical problems
  • Section 22: Ten Fun or Worthwhile Things You Can Do Online
    • Explore ten fun and productive activities to engage in online, such as online courses, virtual tours, and creative projects.


The Internet course offered by Digital Binary Computer Institute holds significant importance in today's digital age. Mastering internet navigation skills offers numerous benefits, including:
  • Enhanced access to information and resources for personal and professional development.
  • Improved communication and collaboration opportunities with individuals worldwide.
  • Greater efficiency in conducting online transactions, research, and entertainment activities.
  • Enhanced online safety and security through awareness of internet threats and protective measures.
  • Preparation for career opportunities in digital marketing, e-commerce, and web development.


The Internet course at Digital Binary Computer Institute is a comprehensive training program for individuals seeking to navigate the digital landscape confidently and proficiently. By providing structured instruction and hands-on experience in internet navigation, communication, and online presence management, the Course equips students with the essential skills to thrive in today's interconnected world. With its focus on practical application and real-world scenarios, the Internet course ensures that students are well-prepared to harness the Internet's full potential in their personal and professional lives.  

Lectures = 130 HRS

Practical/Tutorials = 130 HRS

Total = 260 HRS

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