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Dinesh Education, nestled in Semiliguda, Odisha, stands as a beacon of technological empowerment under the esteemed Techinaut Computer Institute Franchise. Renowned for its commitment to quality education, it offers a diverse array of courses tailored to meet modern industry demands. With state-of-the-art facilities and seasoned instructors, students delve into programming languages, software development, and IT essentials. The institute's holistic approach nurtures not just technical skills but also fosters critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Dinesh Education thrives on its mission to sculpt adept professionals, contributing significantly to the region's technological advancement and shaping a brighter future for its aspirants.


Dinesh Education in Semiliguda, Odisha, offers a diverse range of academic programs catering to various skill levels and interests. These include:

1. Diploma in Computer Application (DCA)
2. DCA Typing
3. Diploma in Financial Application
4. Advanced Diploma in Computer Application
5. Advanced Diploma in Financial Application
6. Advanced Courses in MS Office
7. Computer Typing
8. Desktop Publishing
9. Programming Course in C
10. Computer Basics
11. Internet Skills
12. English/Hindi Typing
13. Computer Hardware
14. Skill Development Courses
15. Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA)

With this comprehensive array of courses, Dinesh Education equips its students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in today's digital world.


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Dinesh Education, located in Semiliguda, Odisha, boasts a robust infrastructure tailored to facilitate optimal learning experiences. The institute features a well-appointed staff room for faculty collaboration and preparation. Two spacious classrooms provide conducive environments for theoretical instruction, while a fully-equipped laboratory offers hands-on practical training. A welcoming reception area ensures a hospitable entry for visitors and students alike. Additionally, the institute prioritizes hygiene and convenience with a dedicated toilet facility. With these assets in place, Dinesh Education ensures a conducive and comfortable environment for both teaching and learning, fostering an atmosphere conducive to academic excellence and professional growth.

Staff Room: 1

Class Room: 2

Laboratory: 1

Reception: 1

Toilets: 1
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Dinesh Education in Semiliguda, Odisha, boasts a dedicated team of faculty and academic staff committed to nurturing students' learning and growth. The faculty roster includes two experienced Senior Faculty members who bring expertise and mentorship to the classroom. Supporting them are two Junior Faculty members who enrich the learning experience with their enthusiasm and fresh perspectives. Additionally, a diligent Lab Assistant ensures the smooth functioning of practical sessions, providing invaluable support to both faculty and students. With their combined efforts, the faculty and staff at Dinesh Education strive to create a dynamic and supportive learning environment conducive to academic excellence.

1. Sr Faculty: 2

2. Jr. Faculty: 2

3. Lab Assistant: 1
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At Dinesh Education in Semiliguda, Odisha, a proficient administrative team ensures smooth operations and student support. The institute is led by a visionary Director who sets strategic goals and oversees overall management. A capable Center Head manages day-to-day affairs, ensuring efficiency and quality service delivery. Handling financial matters is an adept Accountant who maintains fiscal integrity. Human resources are managed by an HR Manager, fostering a conducive work environment. Marketing and Sales are spearheaded by a skilled professional who promotes the institute's offerings and engages with the community. Together, this administrative team empowers Dinesh Education to fulfill its mission of educational excellence and student success.

1. Director: 1

2. Center Head: 1

3. Accountant: 1

4. HR Manager: 1

5. Marketing and Sales: 1


Dinesh Education, situated in Semiliguda, Odisha, epitomizes a commitment to democratizing access to technology and fostering digital literacy among the community. Its aims and objectives are multifaceted, encapsulating both individual empowerment and societal progress. Firstly, it endeavors to provide comprehensive and affordable computer education to learners of all backgrounds, enabling them to acquire essential IT skills crucial for modern employment opportunities.

Secondly, Dinesh Education seeks to cultivate a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship by nurturing students' creativity and problem-solving abilities in the realm of technology. Through hands-on training and project-based learning, it aims to instill confidence and competence in its students, preparing them for the dynamic demands of the digital age.

Furthermore, the institute aspires to contribute to the socio-economic development of Semiliguda and its surrounding regions by producing a skilled workforce capable of driving technological advancements and fostering local innovation. By aligning its objectives with the broader goals of community development and technological progress, Dinesh Education strives to be a catalyst for positive change in Odisha's educational landscape.

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