PGDCA is advance level computer courses of duration 18 months. this courses provides in depth knowledge of different computer application , DTP and programming.

1. Section 1: Basic of Computer (40 hr)
a. Fundamentals of Computer
i. History of Computer
ii. Generation of Computer
iii. I/O Devices
iv. Number System
v. Logic Gates
vi. LAN System.
vii. Data & Information
viii. Computer Architecture
ix. CPU & Memory Organization
b. Operating System
i. DOS
ii. Windows
i. Paint
ii. Notepad
iii. WordPad

2. Section 2: Office Tool Microsoft Office (40 hr)
a. Word
b. Excel
c. Power Point
d. Access

3. Section 3: Internet Tools (40 hr)
a. Internet
i. Fundamental
ii. Browsing
iii. Creating E-mail Account
iv. Sending/Receiving E-mail etc.
b. Outlook
c. Basic HTML

4. Section 4: Introduction of Programing in C (40 hr)
a. Fundamentals of Computer
b. Introduction to programming languages
c. C Language Fundamentals
d. C Functions
e. Arrays and Strings
f. Pointers

5. Section 5: Tally (50 hr)
a. Principals of Accountancy
b. Introduction of Tally
c. Financial Tally
d. Taxation in Tally

6. Section 6: Concept to DTP (40 Hr)

a. Concept to DTP

7. Section 7: Programming in C++ (40 Hr)

a. Programming in C++

8. Section 8: Programming in Java (40 Hr)

a. Programming in Java


Course Curriculum

Section 1: Basic of Computer
Basic HTML 00:00:00
Operating System 00:00:00
Fundamentals of Computer 00:00:00

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