ADFA is advance courses for accounting and financial management. This course covers basic computer software knowledge and advance training of Tally and advance MS Excel

1. Section 1: Basic of Computer (20 hr)
a. Fundamentals of Computer
i. History of Computer
ii. Generation of Computer
iii. I/O Devices
iv. Number System
b. Operating System
i. DOS
ii. Windows
iii. Paint
iv. Notepad
v. WordPad

2. Section 2: Office Tool Microsoft Office (20 hr)
a. MS Word
b. MS Excel
c. MS Power Point
d. Ms Access

3. Section 3: Internet Tools (20 hr)
a. Internet
i. Internet Fundamental
ii. Website Browsing
iii. Creating E-mail Account
iv. Sending/Receiving E-mail etc.
b. Outlook
c. Basic HTML

4. Section 6: Advance MS Excel (60 hr)
a. Exploring Microsoft Excel
i. Creating Workbook Files
ii. Getting Help While You Work
b. Viewing Navigating and Managing Worksheets and Workbooks
i. Viewing Worksheets
ii. Navigating Worksheets and Workbooks
iii. Managing Worksheets and Workbook Files
c. Editing Worksheets
i. Creating Basic Formulas
ii. Editing Text and Values
iii. Clearing, Moving, and Copying Cell Content
iv. Modifying Worksheet Structure
d. Using Functions in Formulas
i. Understanding Functions
ii. Using Functions
iii. Using Statistical Functions
iv. Using Date and Time Functions
e. Formatting Worksheets
i. Formatting Cells and Cell Content
ii. Formatting Worksheets
f. Preparing and Printing Worksheets
i. Preparing Worksheets for Printing
ii. Using Find and Replace
iii. Previewing and Printing Worksheets


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